Popular Music – NoSleepRadio

NoSleepRadio is a radio channel that is hosting at YouTube, we do livestreams and make videos. All music, our slogan is ”Don’t sleep, play music!”. Ofcourse you should sleep, that is just our slogan ;). However, we host music at YouTube. If you goto our Music page you can see all of our episodes!


It is 100% free! We give you music for free, no premium accounts, no pay per song, no anything. Just free. If you would like to support us feel free to check out our social medias! We got Twitter, Instagram and Discord. Make sure to follow us!


We always got some music for you, we upload pretty often. We try to upload daily but can miss sometimes. And we livestream sometimes, the livestream will still be on the channel a couple of hours later after we’ve streamed but then we remove it.


Why? We do this because we wanna share awesome music with you guys! We are tired of paying for music, so this is a better option. 100% free 100% awesome music! So we do it because we wanna share awesome music.


We just upload our episodes on YouTube just like any other channel with videos. So it is a video but with music and gameplay. So if you subscribe to our YouTube channel with notifications you can be the first one to check out one of our episodes!


We got no real schedule but we try to upload daily, so you can always listen to some fresh music. As we said before, if you wanna support us follow us on our social medias. The more followers we get the more we wanna upload. It feels pretty worthless to upload videos to nobody you know.


We use gameplay so it won’t get to boring if you have nothing to do while listening to the music. In our videos we got gameplay but not on our livestreams, the main reason is that the livestreams can be hosted for 24 hours so it would be to much to record 24 hours of gameplay.